Today I got to 3d print something for the first time!!!

so as the title says, today i got to 3d print some thing. now, the thing that I printed is a hat mount for my gopro so that I can make realy cool vlogs for you guys! so be on the look out for new summer vlogs! any way here is a picture of what I printed:

so you might be thinking, “wow, you got enough money to get a 3d printer!”. but, that isn’t the case. i achuly went to a library that has a 3d printer and printed there! so yea, I’m not that rich 😪. but maybe some time I’ll get a 3d printer when there not so expinsive.

thank you for reading my post! make sure to come back soon for more of my adventures, or you could subscribe to my YouTube cannel to see when i up load any way that’s all from me. Bakkerboy out!

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