So a few days ago I went go-carting as the title will tell you. it was ALOT of fun 😁. Sure it was a small track because it was my first time, but it was still fun! On the track there was a long straight strip at the beginning that I would go fast on and then there was a 180* turn that I would drift on. One time i did a really good movie-esque drift that nether momma bakke nor bakker managed to capture on footage. BUT I still did it, trust me. Any way after that there were 2 turns that were so close to each other that I could go down the middle of to save time. Then there was another kinda sharp turn that would lead you to 2 turns. 1 that you turn  into to you park your cart at when your race is over and the other led you back to the first  straight strip. in the end it was a lot of fun trying go-carting, I hope to go carting again some time but some place bigger! maybe I will even make a video on it 👍😄👍. Any way thank you for coming and reading my story, please come back soon for my next adventures! 

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