funny comment

you know that moment when the people next to you are doing hard work so you pretend to be doing work but you’re really watching YouTube (like my channel) or writing about it on your blog (like me).



this is my website right now, i know there is not much here yet but i plan to do a lot more with it in the summer, but come back every once in a while to see if there is something new i posted about or a new site feature. that’s all for now, see you later! 😁


Hi, I’m bakkerboy and this is my website. on here i will update you on things that are coming. such as when a new video will come out, sneak peak of a new video or just some funny things that happen.

Video page:

you can go to my video page to see all my videos from YouTube on my website! go check it out to see all my games or vlogs. is the link to my dad’s (bakker) website check it out, its pretty cool. is a link to my sister’s dirt bike blog so go check it out!

My Youtube Channel:

My YouTube channel is a link to my YouTube page.

YouTube Videos